Book Adventures



Here is a sampling of Book Adventures for children in grades K-5.

Each adventure incorporates sharing two books and a science component that introduces readers to a real animal related to their stories. I have listed the title for each and the books to be shared.


Frogs, Frogs Everywhere – The Great Frog Race/A Wood Frog’s Life

Moose on the Loose – Mooses Come Walking/ If You Give a Moose a Muffin

Owl on the Prowl – Owl Moon/Billy Wise

Butterfly or Moth – Prince of Butterflies/A New Butterfly?

Can You Out-Fox a Fox? – Saving Samantha/Red Fox Running

Good Bugs/Bad Bugs – The Prince of Butterflies/Bugs Are Insects

Prickly Porcupines – A Porcupine Named Fluffy/Ben and the Porcupine

Brrr…It’s Cold – Animals in Winter/Tracks in the Wild

Slippery Salamanders – Salamander Room/A Salamander’s Life

Terrific Turtles – Look Out For Turtles/Old Turtle

A Date with a Dinosaur – Kids Ultimate Dinopedia/Draw Dinosaurs