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Second Grade Investigations

Second Grade Investigations


Greetings Educators/Librarians/Parents/Home-Schoolers:

Are you looking for a new way to better engage students in the natural world or “spice up” your enrichment programs? As in independent educator, with 30 years teaching experience in the areas of science, reading and language arts, I enjoy working with small groups of students in a hands-on, integrative way.

Click here to read more about my programs at the Francis Small Heritage Trust and Green Mountain Conservation Group.

Programs, which generally run for 1 to 1 ½ hours, can be handcrafted to fit your goals, student population, time frame and cost. If interested, you may reach me (Barbara Bald) at 603-875-3353 or at

Awareness is everything. Whether a child becomes a doctor, dancer, scientist or parent, looking deeply is a skill that is life altering. The following adventures immerse students in the natural world, heighten their awareness of how it works and help them experience an inner and outer connection with it.

Here is a sampling of what I would like to share for children in grades 2-8. I have listed the title of each offering and a key word that hints at its focus.

1. Artful Science – nature crafts

2. Seeing through Native Eyes – native connections

3. Listening to the Forest – forest awareness

4. Celebrating Nature – natural connections/drawing/writing

5. Insects Up Close and Personal – getting to know insects

6. You Saw a What? – animal track & sign

7. Adapting: What If You Can’t – adaptation

8. Exercising Your Right Brain –creative thinking

9. Exploring Wetlands – getting to know macro-invertebrates