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Teacher Workshop Titles                                              Targeted Grade Levels


Fostering Science Inquiry in Young Learners                         K-3

Explore simple ways of help primary students observe more closely, inquire, experiment and make connections in their world.

Fostering Science Inquiry in Intermediate Learners              4-6

Explore simple ways of help intermediate students observe more closely, inquire, experiment and make connections in their world.

There’s a Method to My Madness (scientific method)            4-6

Investigate using the scientific method as a simple way to problem-solve, foster math/science connections and help students answer their own questions.

Who’s Been Walking Here (animal track and sign)                 3-6

Heighten student awareness and inquiry by helping them learn how to read animals tracks and signs and examine what lives in their own back yards.

Focus on Skills Through Hands-on Science                            3-6

Sample some science skills that permeate all academic disciplines; heighten critical and creative thinking.

Integrating Science into the Elementary Classroom                3-6

Investigate ways of integrating hands-on science into the busy elementary school day.

Exploring the Science/Literary Connection                                 3-6

Sample some of the natural connections between reading, writing and science.

 Native Ways in the Classroom: Melding Science, Social studies and Art                    3-6

Use Native American exploration to weave together science, social studies, reading and more.

 Science on a Shoestring                     3-6

Explore making and using simple, inexpensive everyday items to learn about physical,earth and life science.

Rock, Paper, Scissors? No! Rocks, Soil, Water                   3-6

Investigate creative ways of integrating earth science into the elementary school classroom.

Nature Awareness: Writing/Poetry, Art and Field- Journaling                    3-6   

Experience a variety  of strategies for using the arts to foster observation and inquiry skills needed for accurate

scientific investigations.